Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Fight

The message is clear,
The bell sounds its chime,
There's no turning back or running this time.

I'll face my foe down,
I'll stand sure and bold,
I'll make fast my intent to never grow cold.

The crowed simmers down,
The darkness surrounds,
My heart in my throat weighs ten-thousdand pounds.

My enemy fients,
I remise right back,
And then in courage I start my attack.

I cut at the air,
I throw all my might,
But just when I think I'm winning this fight,

The breath flees my chest,
My eyes become wide,
My focus turns to the pain in my side.

I collapse to my knees,
My blade falls away,
I look to my foe who's starting to sway.

He looses his feet,
He falls to the floor,
Its clear that my foe can't take anymore.

I crawl to his side,
I sit with my sword,
With shock I realize he had the last word.

I cover my eyes,
I hate what I see,
To my surprise my oponent is me.

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